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General Questions about Genesis
1 How does Genesis having all needed fertility services under one roof benefit the patient?
2 What differentiates the approach taken by Genesis from an "IVF Clinic?
3 When should a patient seek help from a Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility Specialist?
4 How does Genesis help educate its patient on all the information they will need as they begin fertility treatment?
5 How does Genesis' role in teaching and research impact patient care?
6 How is advancing technology providing Genesis patients with better outcomes?
7 What is the success rate at Genesis?
8 How does the Genesis lab reduce the risk of multifetal pregnancies?
9 What impact does age have on my becoming preganant?
10 How long should a couple try to become pregnant before seeking medical assistance?
11 What does Genesis mean by "Comprehensive Care"?
12 See the equipment Genesis uses in our laboratory.

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