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Patient Portal


Welcome to the GENESIS Patient Portal. This feature of our website facilitates communication between patients who are in active treatment at GENESIS and the GENESIS staff. Women and couples who desire to become patients at GENESIS can also use this feature to help us prepare for their first visit. We believe that proper use of this portal by our patients eases the process for them of communicating with us and acquiring the information that is essential to their care.
Features of the GENESIS Patient Portal include:
     Registration as a patient
     Providing your medical history
     Receiving medication and other instructions during monitored cycles
     Email exchanges with clinical staff

Using the GENESIS Patient Portal involves the following:

1) Registration

  • Submit information requesting a visit as a new patient. In the text box you can request
    an unique login code and password: or
  • Contact one of our secretaries by phone to obtain an unique login code and password
  • Go to the registration page on the Patient Portal
  • Enter your unique login code and password
  • Fill out your demographic information, including your email address
  • Submit your information

2) Medical history

Once you are logged in, you must first agree to the Privacy Statement. Afterwards, a complete medical history questionnaire will appear. Fill in the blank information for both you and, if applicable, your partner. This information will be used to establish your electronic medical record (EMR). All information that you submit is kept confidential under HIPPA Guidelines.  This will be reviewed with you directly by your physician at your first visit.

 3) Cycle monitoring

In the course of fertility therapy it is common for treatment cycles to be monitored during visits to one of our facilities. Generally, the response to medications is assessed using a combination of a sonogram, to count and measure egg follicles, and blood testing to measure hormone levels. Sometimes visits occur on a daily basis, every other day basis or less frequently (depending on how involved the treatment is). In all cases, however, the results of monitoring are always assessed in the early afternoon of the day that monitoring has occurred. After the physician has made a decision regarding the ongoing treatment for that day, that decision is communicated to the patient. In the past, such communication was done by phone. The GENESIS Patient Portal gives the option for every patient to get her information from the nurse via the internet. Because many of our patients are on the internet and/or receiving email during the course of their working day, the ability to receive instructions in this way is natural and involves no interruption. When using the GENESIS Patient Portal to receive instructions, patients have direct access to our detailed nursing instructions, which will be used to support you and maximize your chance of success during the course of treatment.

4) Email exchanges with clinical staff

The GENESIS Patient Portal offers another – and, for some patients, a more efficient –  way of communicating with our clinical staff. Using their unique login codes, patients can access their medical records and, through the GENESIS network, communicate with our clinical staff. All ingoing and outgoing mail becomes part of their clinical chart and is used in our clinical decision-making. Like emails generally, information that flows through the portal is available to patients at a convenient time, eliminating the need for interruptions and especially “phone tag.” This system eases the flow of information between patients and their care providers.

A NOTE REGARDING URGENT COMMUNICATION: All matters pertaining to medical emergencies must be put through by phone to our office or, when closed, to our answering service. Urgent questions, i.e. those that require same day responses but that do not involve a medical emergency should be input to the system by noon each day. Urgent contacts that occur after noon on weekdays should always be communicated by phone. All urgent calls at any time on weekends or holidays and after 4PM on weekdays should be made directly to our answering service.


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