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Male Infertility
Comprehensive Services include the following:

• Computer Assisted Semen Analysis - Cutting edge laboratory test to assess male fertility.
• WHO and Kruger (strict) Morphology - Detailed grading system of sperm structure.
• Semen Washing - Procedure to separate the most highly motile fraction of sperm.
• Antisperm Antibody Testing - Test to determine whether sperm contain antibodies that   can inhibit fertility potential.
• Cryopreservation of Semen - Process of freezing sperm for later use.
• Fructose Testing - Test to determine if there is an obstruction causing absence of   sperm in the ejaculate.
• Postejaculatory Urine Testing - Test used in cases of suspected retrograde ejaculation.
• Semen Culture - Test for assessing bacterial contamination of semen.
• Sperm Viability Test - Test used to determine if non-motile sperm are alive.

Note: Condom Collections Kits are available for a modest fee.

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